Women Ministries Update

Saturday, July 30

Sponsored by: National Covenant Properties and Bethany Benefit Service.



About Our Sponsors


National Covenant Properties
National Covenant Properties (NCP) has been serving member churches and institutions of the Evangelical Covenant Church since 1970 to provide loans for new church construction, land and church aquisitions, and church additions. Currently NCP has over $285 million in loans to more than 300 Covenant projects. Funds for these loans are obtained from NCP’s sale of investment certificates to members and friends of Covenant churches.
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Bethany Benefit Service
Through Bethany Benefit Service, the Evangelical Covenant Church seeks to provide eligible ministers, church workers, and missionaries with medical, dental, prescription, vision, life, and long-term disability benefits. Here you will find the benefits and services that are available as well as resources for those already enrolled in the plan.
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