Saturday Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences (Saturday, 10:30am-noon)

Learning Experiences, also known as workshops, are a central component of Triennial. In these sessions attendees grow as women of God by learning from seasoned leaders and by being equipped to deepen their relationships with Christ. Learning Experience options are listed below in alphabetical order.

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LE101. Alone with My Bible


Are you alive in Christ, growing in the living Word? How does the Bible bring us deeper in faith? Like any other book, it can be known with our brains. But how is it different than any other book? How do we open it, as well as our hearts, to knowing our living Lord and transforming in his likeness?

Mary Miller, chaplain at Covenant Village of Cromwell retirement community in Cromwell, Connecticut.


LE102. Caring for Souls


Caring for souls affected by violence, abuse, divorce, etc. is challenging. Come and learn how to provide care that fosters healing for others as well as for yourself.

Elizabeth Odette Pierre, pastoral care and counseling teaching fellow at North Park University, Chicago, Illinois.


LE103. Chosen, Blessed, Favored. Who, Me?


Description: Like Mary before the angel Gabriel, we often ask, “How can this be?” when we ponder our identity as chosen, favored vessels of the Most High God. Explore spiritual practices that help us embrace the good news that we have been chosen to bear Christ to the world.

Sharon Garlough Brown, author of multiple books and the co-pastor of Redeemer Covenant Church in Caledonia, Michigan.


LE104. Selah: Practice the Pause (Cultivating Wholeness)


Pause and listen to what happens within you, when you feel hurt, stressed, vulnerable and doubtful. Learn how to work on emotional pain and peace with self, God and others.

Minhee Cho, licensed marriage and family therapist in Seattle, Washington.


LE105. The Disciple-Making Adventure


Jesus’ Great Commission should be our primary passion and concern, but most of us don’t know how to make and deepen disciples as a way of life. Together we’ll explore fresh ways to pursue the adventure of a joy-filled, disciple-making lifestyle.

Michelle Sanchez, executive director of the Make & Deepen Disciples mission priority for the Evangelical Covenant Church.


LE106. El Perdón de Dios Sacia (en Español)


Conversaremos sobre la experience de un trauma espiritual y sus efectos, pero como en medio de la crisis cuando venimos a Dios, El nos sacia y sana.

Dany Flores, pastor of Vida Plena Covenant in Chicago, Illinois.


LE107. Finding Livelihood in Work and Leisure


We often find ourselves wrestling with our daily work as we confront what seems to fall short of the thriving, meaningful work we’d envisioned. Join us as we consider our own work experiences and explore the spiritual path of finding livelihood.

Nancy Nordenson, author and speaker in Minneapolis, Minnesota. @nancynordenson on Twitter/Instagram.


LE108. God’s Creative Gifts


We are surrounded by images, ideas, and lifestyles of creativity on Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, and more – but many of us wonder, “can I do that?” or “how can I use my creative gifts?” All of us are blessed with creativity unique to us, and there are many avenues to discover and navigate the use of our gifts in a healthy and positive way. Join us to explore and discuss how we, as women of faith, can use our creative passions to connect with God, enrich others, and express our unique selves.

Sarah Johnson, designer and Etsy shop owner living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. @sarahojo on Instagram


LE109. Healthy Cooking for a Busy Lifestyle


Learn how to cut hours off your weekly cooking time with these simple steps and learn what healthy cooking really looks like.

Michelle Spadafora, founder of Faithful Workouts in Evergreen, Colorado.


LE110. Human Trafficking: How Can We Make a Difference?


What have your learned about human trafficking, and how is your church partnering with others for impact? A time of mutual learning and sharing.

Genevive Dibley, an activist for the Society for the Abolition of Modern-Day Slavery and a scholar of ancient Judaism and early Christianity in Rockford, Illinois.


LE111. Influencers: Helping Others Move Forward in Their Process of Becoming Disciples


What do new Christian “nones” and “unchurched” tell us were the most important woo factors in their journey toward Christ? Explore ways we can help friends make progress toward faith in Jesus and toward becoming disciples that make disciples.

Beth Seversen, evangelism team leader for the Evangelical Covenant Church.


LE112. Making Lifelong Faith Stick in Our Kids’ Lives


What is necessary and important to help faith take root in our kids’ and teenagers’ lives for a lifetime of following Jesus? Discover the things you’re already doing and how you can leverage your own faith journey to catalyze the next generation’s spiritual formation. (NOTE: this is for mommas AND spiritual mommas)

April Diaz, youth ministry coach and consultant in Orange County, CA


LE113. Managing Money: Investing over a Lifetime


Chances are you will be in charge of managing money at some point in your life. From your 20s to your 80s, it is important to do this well and in alignment with your values. Learn tips on how to do this in each decade of life.

Ann Wiesbrock, president of Covenant Trust Company in Chicago, Illinois.


LE114. Rule of Life


Create a personal spiritual rhythm for your life involving spiritual disciplines, time patterns, and more in this prayer-oriented Learning Experience.

Diana Shiflett, pastor of Spiritual Formation at Naperville Covenant Church in Naperville, Illinois.


LE115. Sankofa Experience: Transforming Christian Life (part 2/2)


Whose truth do we believe? If you’re thirsty for God’s truth and want to experience Sankofa, join us for a transforming community Learning Experience as we explore our race history, culture, and faith.

Velda Love, director of Justice and Intercultural Learning and an adjunct professor at North Park University in Chicago, Illinois. Debra Auger, dean of Students and Community Life and an associate professor at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois.